4 Common Blog Design Fails

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When someone visits your website and goes to your blog for the first time, that first impression is the most important. Your blog design can make them want to immediately close your page, or it can make them want to stay on and explore. 

As someone who has been writing for the Internet for almost 14 years, here are some of my personal pet peeves when it comes to a blog’s design.

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The Fancy Font Blog Design

I get it – you want your font to be fancy. But if you want your visitor to read it, go for something simple like Times New Roman. Or just go for the default blog font. The reason it’s default is that it’s easy to read. 

Where’s My Magnifying Glass? 

This design goes along with the Fancy Font one above. Along with not wanting to have to use a decoder ring for your font, I also would rather not have to get out a magnifying glass to read your blog. Yes, I can zoom in on your page. But it’s best if you take the time to make it readable for most people. A good font size choice is 14. This makes it easy to read for just about everyone.

Blog Design That Requires Sunglasses

Perhaps you like purple with orange polka dots. But for many people, this design is going to be painful to the eyes. This is just an example, of course. But not only does this type of blog design make it painful to view, but it also can make it look unprofessional. Try using subtle colors and you’ll find that more people are visiting and staying on your site.

I’m Stuck in the Computer Age

Finally, you want to be sure that your blog looks great across the board – on a desktop, on a tablet, or on a smartphone. More people are going to visit your website and blog on more than just their computers. They will use their smartphones and their tablets, so make sure your blog is comfortably viewable on all three.

These are 4 common blog design fails. If you want more people to come to your blog and stay on it, these are four things that you want to avoid doing. If you are interested, we offer blog writing services. You can see an example of a blog that we write for here, If you are interested in knowing more, please contact us.

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