Business Automation Services – 3 Ways They Help With Leads

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We have talked in the past about business automation services. One of the things that we are going to do in the coming blogs is to show you some of the ways that business automation services can you with different aspects of your business life.

Whether you are meeting a potential client or you are responding to the people who’ve emailed or called already, automating these services will let you get and retain the leads a lot more quickly and efficiently.

Business Automation Services Help You Immediately Respond to Email Contact Requests

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If that email address that you have under contact us on the website means that they’re contacting you, you are going to be overwhelmed by how many emails that you have to reply to. You also don’t want to wait to reply. It’s even a bad idea to wait just 30 minutes.

When you use business automation services, you are able to immediately respond every time. You don’t even have to remember. Rather than having an email that is posted on your website, a form for them to use for contacting you is a lot better.

When the form is completed with their question, name, and email address, the software will issue an immediate email reply. This is through a template that is prewritten. However, it’s going to sound as if you just sent it off.

Potential clients are going to be happy that the note hasn’t disappeared. Then the software will assign someone on the team to follow that up with a call.

Business Automation Services Help You Assign the Inbound Leads to Sales Reps

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Sometimes a person is going to skip that form and go right to a phone call. Although this is a great way that you can start to build up relationships with potential clients if there isn’t a process for pursuing those leads you can miss opportunities when you have hung up. A lot of times, these follow-ups have great intentions but don’t have the right execution.

When you use automation software, you’re able to set up internal forms that need to be used when someone calls. Enter the contact information of the client and any kind of relevant notes, before a rep is assigned for following up. This is going to alert your sales rep that they need to contact that new lead. Then the software will send the potential client from the sales rep introducing themselves automatically.

When that email’s sent just 5 minutes after the client’s completed the form, it looks like the rep jumped right into the action. This is going to impress the lead with the customer service even before the rep started working.

Business Automation Services Help You Win at Games of Phone Tag

It’s really simple to lose the game phone tag while running your small business. Picture this: you leave your potential client a voice mail. They call you back while you’re unavailable. You note somewhere that you have to return their call once you get a minute. However, you get their voicemail again.

If this game goes on, while you are chasing the other players, it’s possible that you are going to give up eventually. This can happen accidentally because you’ve been too busy or on purpose. This is going to mean that there was a lead and it’s been lost.

This can be fixed by having an automatic process for returning these phone calls. When you use automation software, you’re able to note in your system that you have left messages. This is going to trigger an email automatically that says that you left them a voicemail and that you’re sorry you missed them. it can also say that if you don’t hear from them that you’ll follow up the next day. Then the software will remind you to call the lead.

These are some of the ways that business automation services can help you when it comes to leads. Are you interested in knowing more? We personally use Service Autopilot as our automation service. Check out our page about this service here and please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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