Using GPS Software? Here’s 3 Big Reasons You Should!

using gps software

Winter is just about here, and with it comes a lot of nasty weather. One of the best things that you can do to help your drivers stay safe and avoid costly delays. Below are three benefits of using GPS software during the winter.

Using GPS Software During Winter Encourages Safer Driving

GPS software will provide you with the information needed for empowering drivers with more intelligent road practices so that your driver, your fleet, and your equipment are safe from damage related to winter weather.

It will help you with staying informed about the status of each truck, including the location of the truck, notices for arrivals and departures, unauthorized use of the vehicle, and a lot more. This information can be used for minimizing fuel wasting, dangerous activities, such as excessive speeding and braking, and excessive idle time. If you have lost contact with one of your drivers, you also can track to ensure that there weren’t any accidents. You also can monitor the consumption of fuel and any travel petters, such as unexpected rerouting and stops, to help you with protecting vehicles from any accidental damages which might happen on an inclement road and to keep your costs down.

When you use it along with software for fleet management, all of the information can be recorded and used for compiling profiles for the plans the following years, including updating your route coordination and driver training.

Using GPS Software During Winter Helps You Receive Maintenance Alerts

Harsh weather during the winter means that your fleet has to be in the best possible operating condition. This includes the brakes, heating, and tires. Keep your trucks updated on their maintenance using fault and maintenance alerts sent right to your mobile device or computer. When you are really prepared, you know that you have a better chance of your drivers being safe and that you’re able to make money because delays are minimized.

When you monitor the maintenance of the trucks in your fleet, you are able to spot any possible problems before they’re able to become travel delays or safety hazards during winter travel. Track specific warning signs, such as aging tires and fuel consumption changes. Then set up some automatic reminders to have the vehicles serviced for your drivers and yourself.

Using GPS Software During Winter Lets You Coordinate Routes

When you use GPS software, it allows you to see the amount of time the vehicle stayed at a certain location with traffic conditions with color coding and satellite views. Receive insights about the speed of the driver, in which direction they are traveling, the status of the vehicle, and a lot more. This can be used then to help with keeping customers informed about when the driver will arrive. A fleet dispatcher then can use the information for rerouting drivers to roads that are less congested or safer. This will cut down on those costly delays and can help with minimizing vehicle wear.

These are three benefits of using GPS software on your fleet vehicles during the winter. Not only will it help with keeping your drivers safe, but it also will help you keep your customers updated if there is a delay. One of the best GPS trackers that we use ourselves is Bouncie GPS. Check out our review here. You can also connect with us on Facebook.


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