GPS Tracking Software – 4 Powerful Ways It Helps Landscapers

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When you have a landscaping business and a crew that works under you one of the things that you should invest in is GPS tracking software. Below are four of the biggest benefits that GPS tracking software can give your business.

GPS Tracking Software Helps to Save Money on Fuel

GPS tracking software

Having GPS tracking will allow landscaping supervisors to observe the behaviors of drivers and coach them. this type of insight will let them eliminate excessive idle time and speeding, ensure that they are taking the routes that are most efficient, and identify any unauthorized usage.

GPS Tracking Software Helps to Cut Down on Labor Costs

It used to be that a landscaping company would go off timecards that are manually filed out to figure out the hours that someone worked and their pay. A GPS tracker will monitor the times when someone starts and stops, so there’s a virtual timecard right there. it can tell the supervisor when a crew is starting and ending their day, the length of time the breaks were, and the number of jobs that they completed. When this information is available, it will reduce overtime, padded hours, and productivity loss. This can help with reducing the costs of labor.

GPS Tracking Provides That Services Were Performed

There are times when a customer might claim that the crew didn’t show up and perform their services. it used to be that it was one person’s word against the other’s. But that was before the GPS tracking.

GPS tracking is going to provide support when there is a dispute. When the customer is claiming that the crew didn’t show, the supervisor is able to pull the report quickly to see if they actually did show up. They can see if they did in fact go there, their arrival time, and the length of time that they’d stayed at the customer’s location. This helps with resolving disputes quickly and saves the company from eating the cost associated with sending their crew back to the location.

GPS Tracking Helps Improve the Life Cycle of Vehicles

GPS tracking also will help a landscaping company to keep up with the maintenance of their vehicles. You can set up your schedule in the software that is going to remind crews and supervisors of overdue or upcoming maintenance. This way, unnecessary repairs, like blown engines, can be avoided. Keeping up with routine maintenance can help with extending the life of vehicles as well as saving the company lots of money.

These are four of the benefits that GPS tracking software can offer your landscaping company. One of the best options that we use ourselves is the Bouncie GPS. Read our review here and see what we love about it.

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