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One feature I want to highlight about Service Autopilot that completely demolishes any competition is the Automations feature.

What exactly do Automations DO?

They are behind-the-scenes processes that get triggered by certain events, and run automatically without you having to start them. Automations make your business run smoother… faster… and stress-free.

Remember… these processes will run AUTOMATICALLY for you within Service Autopilot. Think about the time you’ll save. The new clients you’ll win. The office work that’ll be done for you while you’re taking care of your business.

service autopilot automations

Ready Business Systems has 15 pre-built Service Autopilot Automations

These Automations are available on the Service Autopilot Marketplace for download into your account. Each provides a specific function or purpose, and combined they provide an unstoppable marketing and management machine which will crush your competition ultimately automate your job to run the company.

RBS-01: Hiring/Termination Automation

This is one of the most robust Service Autopilot Automations available from RBS and is designed to be the framework and backbone for your company’s HR program. The purpose of this automation is to screen applicants and build the framework for your automated recruiting program (designed to be paired with RBS-10 & RBS-12). It also ensures that all new employees are processed properly with as minimal non-automated handling as possible. NOTE: This automation is designed to integrate with Gusto Payroll service and GoodHire BCI service. A Proprietary Employee Handbook is also included. 

This automation will perform the following tasks:

1) Creates an online application form for field employee, manager, office, and mechanic applicants which directly enters your applicant leads into SA to build your leads database for future marketing.

2) Automatically screens applicants and saves time by making them jump through a series of hoops before any human interaction.

3) Schedules phone interviews with applicants and directs your HR admin to fill out a phone interview form.

4) Once screened by HR, if HR approves the applicant, schedules an in person interview with the manager.

5) On the included in person interview form, the Manager has the option to hire the employee, get back to them in two weeks, or turn them down, all of which include automated communication with the applicant.

6) If the Manager decides to hire the employee, passes on a hiring checklist to the HR administrator letting them know the shirt sizes, references to call, BCI check, and on boarding items to complete. It creates a field training checklist for the Manager.

7) When an employee is terminated, a survey is sent to the employee to ask why they weren’t happy and a termination checklist is provided to the HR administrator and Manager.

8) Automated rewards for employee referrals are integrated.

RBS 02: Customer Service Automation

The purpose of this automation for Service Autopilot is to automate customer service and provide upsell opportunities throughout the year. Also included are weekly and yearly and surveys with links to your Google, Facebook, and Yelp pages. This automation will optionally integrate with SendJim to automatically leave voicemails, send gifts, or apology cards for unsatisfactory service to increase client retention.

This automation will perform the following tasks:

1) Emails a weekly and annual survey after work is completed and annually to all clients in December.
-A client rating of 6 or less contacts client the client to apologize for unsatisfactory work and creates a to-do for delegated employee to follow up.
-Rating 8 or higher asks the client for a review with links to your Facebook, Yelp, and Google Places ages.

2) Checks in with new clients via email or text 30 days after accepting a proposal.

3) Checks in with all clients monthly via email or text May through October. Creates to-do for customer service phone calls once annually in October.

4) Sends out an annual email regarding company closure annually (optional)

RBS-07: Office Service Autopilot Automations

This Service Autopilot Automation will shave hours off your day or make your Office Admin hyper productive by virtually eliminating the time required for collections and processing estimate requests. Enforces the RBS 5 day sales process.

This automation includes the following features:

1) RBS 5 day sales process- sets the expectation with clients that they will receive their estimate within 5 business days. Sells to your lead and stays in touch with constant updates via email, text, and a customized sales video during this waiting period. It also keeps your sales person accountable and on time with repetitive reminders on the estimate due date.

2) Includes several QuickAssists to enable your Office Admin to easily process estimate requests by automatically touching base and following up with the customer as well as assigning the estimate to your sales person in one step.

3) Virtually eliminates collections by aggressively pursing clients a month before their credit card on file expires and aggressively pursues clients with declined cards or outstanding check payments. Ensures that new leads have their cards on file before services are scheduled.

4) Optional SendJim integration will send new leads a new lead letter, thank you card, and Voicemail Bomb collection calls.

5) Includes daily clock out checklist for Office Admin to make sure routine items are completed on a daily & monthly basis.

Includes a customized sales video explaining the 5 day sales process which will be integrated into your automation and can also be used on your website.

RBS-06: Estimate Follow Up with Prospecting Automation

The purpose of this Service Autopilot Automation is to make sure all of your sent estimates are either marked lost or won with as few non-automated tasks as possible.

This automation will perform the following tasks:

1) Follows up on sent estimates repeatedly favoring text messages and emails. As a last resort, creates to-dos for phone call follow ups. Offers the client 10 day, 30 day, or next spring follow ups if they have not made up their decision with the simple click of a link.

2) When an estimate is marked lost, makes one last shot at winning the estimate offering changes to the scope of work.

3) Reminds the sales person if they write a draft estimate and forget to send it.

4) If the customer requests within an estimate follow up email or text, or if manually entered into the sequence by a company representative via a QuickAssist, the client will be entered into 10 day, 30 day, or spring follow up sequences.

RBS-12: Recruiting Automation

The purpose of this Service Autopilot Automation is to automate contact to job applicants stored in your system through the use of RBS-01 above. Contact will be made through recruiting emails, to do’s or voicemail bombs*, and postcards* 6 times per year through the SendJim integration.  For best results, this automation is designed to work with RBS-01 and to be part of your company’s “always hiring” HR program, however can be installed as a stand-alone automation. 

This Automation will email, send a post card, and leave a voicemail or create a to-do for office personnel to call the applicants as outlined below:

1) February: We have good starting pay, sign on bonuses, and a great team over here and we will treat you right (no promotion/no post card).

2) March: $100 cash bonus after first week with us, and a $250 bonus after the first 3 months of full time employment if you start prior to the end of March!

3) April: We’ve extended our offer through the end of April and could really use your skills on our team! $100 cash bonus after the first week, and a $250 bonus after the first 3 months of full time employment.

4) June: Are you still looking for a job? We are hiring (no promotion/no postcard). 

5) September: Still trying to reach out to you to see if your interested in working for us! you are not going to find a better company with better pay to work for landscaping (no promotion/no postcard). 

6) November: If you sign on this week for a landscaping position and make it through the end of the season, we will give you a $150 cash bonus in time for the holidays!