Tips for Using Content to Turn Website Visitors into Actual Customers

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Tips for Using Content to Turn Website Visitors into Actual Customers

Improving online visibility should be one of the main goals you have as the owner of a landscaping business. In this highly competitive industry, you have to constantly reinvent your approach to finding a larger audience. Your website is one of the most important digital assets you have in your quest to edge out the competition. On average, a person will stay on a website for 20 seconds or so before leaving unless the domain in question has great content or a clearly stated value proposition.

If you want to turn website visitors into actual paying customers, you need to take a good look at your content. Poorly written content can scare a potential customer off and send them heading for a competitor’s website. Are you trying to improve your website conversion rates with the help of good content? If so, check out these helpful tips.

Create an Informative “About Us” Content Page

When landing on the website for your landscaping business, the first place most people gravitate to is your “About Us” page. Ideally, you want to provide potential customers with details about what your company does and the experience that you have. Using this page as a space-filler for generic content can get in the way of your ultimate mission to turn website visitors into actual customers.

Connecting with website visitors on an emotional level is a great way to reel them in. The best way to use emotion on your “About Us” page is by telling the story of how your business started. Providing visitors with this information is a great way to humanize your brand. Being transparent about your history and goals is also a great way to establish credibility with a potential customer.

Display User-Generated Content

Regularly publishing new blogs on your landscaping website is a great way to drive traffic to your domain. However, you will need to do more to turn the people who visit your website into actual customers. Before using a new landscaping company, most consumers will do in-depth online research. This research allows a person to get a feel for the reputation and experience a company has. If you want to highlight how well you have performed for current and past customers. Displaying positive reviews and testimonials is a smart move.

Making it easy for consumers to find this social proof can also help you make a positive impression. Once you complete a landscaping job and the customer is satisfied with your work, don’t be afraid to ask for a positive review. Most people will have no problem singing your praises online if they have received excellent service.

Use Email Marketing To Connect With Website Visitors

Collecting email addresses from the people who visit your website is harder than you probably realize. If you want to successfully collect lots of email addresses, you have to provide consumers with an incentive. This incentive can be anything from a discount to special access to new services you are offering.

Once you collect these email addresses, you can use SendJim to automate your email marketing campaigns. And don’t forget to send them helpful content in your emails as well.

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