adroll example

Marketing with Adroll

What is Adroll?

Adroll is a digital marketing platform which similar to Google Adwords, it puts a “cookie” on website visitor’s devices which then tracks them around the internet. With Google Adwords, this means that when you browse pages on the web or search in a search engine, you are likely to be “re-marketed” to visit that website again.

The difference between Adwords and Adroll is that Adroll will show your ads on social media, specifically Instagram and Facebook.

Conversions for re-marketing to visitors tends to be less expensive per conversion than does getting “cold” leads, such as leads acquired through the Google Adwords search network.

How Can Ready Business Systems help me?

To compliment Ready Business Systems Marketing Automation (RBS-04), we we can build your Adroll campaigns for you. Each page on your website will have a landing page like pictured here, specifically created to redirect traffic to an easily trackable page on your website. Your Adroll marketing promotions will match your postcard, email, and SendJim Voicemail Bomb campaigns.

When the forms are submitted, it will create the appropriate to-dos and text messages to match that specific campaign.

Marketing with Google Adwords

More to come soon!