Hiding Your CTAs? Here’s how to Fix That!

Well, we have made it to Friday. Can you believe we’ve gone through a whole week of August already? Seems like the time is flying by. This week we have been talking about CTAs and today we’re going to go on to another common mistake – hiding your CTAs.

hiding your ctas

The biggest problem with hiding your CTAs is that if no one knows they are there, they can’t act on them. Sometimes your CTA is buried in graphics and text, and sometimes they’re located too far down on your webpage. Other times they could be in your mouse traffic/common sight area. Maybe they are even simply a link that’s buried in text.

For example, Notalwaysright. a site I frequent, often has links to stories by the same authors. But sometimes they are burned with the words this story. If you don’t click on those words on your phone or place your cursor on them using your mouse, then you don’t know that’s a link. That’s one of the biggest pet peeves of people who frequent the site.

The same thing goes when you’re hiding your CTAs. People might be interested in what you have but if they don’t recognize that something is a link they can’t act on it.

How to Stop Hiding Your CTAs

The good news is that the problem of hiding your CTAs is a fairly easy fix. For instance, when we have a CTA in our emails, we often will bold the CTA and make it red. This way it’s very easy for our email recipients to see. When the rest of the email text is black, a bold, red section really stands out.

Another option that you can use is to make the CTA a button. The text that you want to put on the button is your CTA. This could be like:

  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Contact us for a quote today
  • Order now

Of course, you can use both a button and the bolded word in a different color. That way you have twice the chance of your CTA being seen.

Making your CTA a lot more visible can be a double-edged sword, since some people have the option to ignore it. A lot easier if they know what you’re asking them to do. But would you rather have someone who is happy to answer your CTA and click on it because they wanted to, or someone who is angry at you for hiding your CTAs so that they’re tricked into clicking on it and subscribing?

If you aren’t sure which option is better for you and which one will be better received by your audience, you can try one option one time and try another option the other time. Or you can try them both together, both with different options, maybe one to follow you on Facebook and the other to follow you on Twitter. Try the link for one and the button for the other and see which one converts better.

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