Grow your business with Service Autopilot

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Service Autopilot is a cloud-based field service solution for your business. The software features scheduling, client and lead management, routing and mapping and much more. With this service you will not only grow your business, your business will almost run itself which is an amazing advantage and the dream of almost every business owner. 

What are the features of Service Autopilot?

Service Autopilot has many great features for all size businesses. The features can be divided in four main categories: Business Management, Crew Management, Customer Relations and Payments. 

Business Management

  • Dashboard

With Service Autopilot you enjoy a daily dashboard that provides reports and analysis of your costs, clients, services, revenue and much more. With this feature you are on top of your business. You won’t need to waste your time or effort to do all     these things yourself because this software does the work for you.

Through the reports you can see how much your business is growing with every day        and you see how things change over the time. This feature gives you a better insight    into your costs and revenue. The dashboard gives you all the information that you and your crew need every day. That includes schedules, calendars, calls, notifications and so on.

  • Measurement Tool

Service Autopilot works with Google maps which is why you are able to see aerial            photos of any property. This will allow you to receive important information, such as square footage to be able to provide your customers with realistic quotes.

  • Job Review

After every workday you can review all your completed jobs. This helps you to be on       top of your business and schedule. 

Crew Management

  • To-Do’s

With Service Pilot you can create To-Do lists with jobs, tasks and appointments. You also             have the options to add comments, text messages or other details.

  • Time Management and Scheduling

With this software you can easily schedule appointments. You just need to enter a job     and the expected time and Service Pilot will automatically do the work for you.      Furthermore, you can create customized schedules for each of your employees with to-  do lists, maps, pictures and other information.

There is also a built-in time tracking feature that helps you manage payroll. It gives your employees the opportunity to easily clock-in and out of work.

  • Check on your crew                                                                       

There is a tool that helps you keep track what your crew is working on and where they are. That helps you to see the status of each job and to be on top of it.

  • GPS

With the Service Autopilot mobile app, you can track your crew. The app also provides    you with a complete navigation so you can get to your client’s addresses in no time. This service allows you to see if someone is behind schedule or finished early so you can assign a job to a different employee to catch up time. Each team will see update information on their own mobile device.

  • Field Photographs

The software gives you the opportunity to capture images to diagnose issues, upsell        services or to compare before and after pictures.

Customer Relations

  • CRM

With the Customer Relationship Management too you are able to track and manage different details from you clients, such as their contact information or profile. Every time you call them you can add information to their profile to have it always up to date.

  • Integration with your website

Service Autopilot integrates with your individual website. That is a huge advantage because clients will be able to contact you or request quotes through your website.

  • Messaging

With the software you can send messages directly to your clients. You can either send email, text messages or reminders. There are many templates that you can use to save time. Service Autopilot also offers a built-in email marketing feature that helps you to   share your marketing and promotional offers with your clients.

Payment Features

  • Payments

The mobile app allows you and your crew members to create easily invoices and to accept payments while on the move. It also accepts credit cards so your clients can pay right after the service is completed. There is also an automatic invoicing service that automatically sends invoices as well as reminders to your clients which helps you to stay on top of your finances.

  • QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an amazing feature for your accounting. With this tool you can synchronize your expenses, invoices and payments.

Are you ready to grow your business and enjoy financial freedom?

Ready Business Systems can help you get up and running. We offer you great packages that run on a monthly subscription. Each package comes with its own advantages so you can choose the one that fits your needs the most. Service Autopilot will make your life much easier and will do all the work for you. You will be provided with many tools that help your business be more organized and on top of everything.

If you are ready to provide your business with the newest technology and amazing tools to help you manage it better and more efficiently go to our website and contact us! We are here to help!

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