GPS Tracking – 4 Ways It Cuts Down on Fuel

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When you have a fleet of vehicles for your business, one of the biggest expenses is fuel, and it seems like fuel costs are on the rise. One of the best ways that you can help with reducing fuel consumption is through a GPS tracking system. Below are some of the ways that GPS tracking can help with lowering your fuel costs. 

GPS Tracking Helps with Reducing Excessive Idling

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One of the things that idling does is reduce fuel. There’s a good chance that a lot of the vehicles in the company are idling much longer than necessary. But when a vehicle is tracked, seeing that the vehicle is idling can help you with stopping this practice and save you money on fuel.

Speeding is Controlled with GPS Tracking

Speeding uses a lot of fuel, and when a vehicle is going over the posted speed limit, it can really cut down on fuel economy. A vehicle loses anywhere from 1 to 2% of that fuel economy for every MPH driven over 55MPH. When you have a GPS tracking system you can see how long it takes for someone to go from point a to point b, so you can tell if they are speeding or not. Some GPS systems even come with that information built in.

Maintenance is Optimized When Tracking with GPS

Automated alerts about necessary maintenance, can help with maintaining work vehicles in their best condition. This is going to help with getting peak gas mileage. Depending on the GPS tracking system you choose, you can get alerts when a certain vehicle requires services. this can help with saving fuel and reducing maintenance costs too.

Better Routes can be Found with a GPS System

Using a GPS tracking system, a dispatcher can dispatch the driver and vehicle, figure out what route is going to be most efficient for a delivery/customer call, and then route the drivers around problems such as traffic accidents and construction. This helps with stopping them from driving extra miles and also reduce the amount of time they are sitting idle in traffic. This will help with increasing productivity and saving fuel.

These are four ways that you can reduce fuel consumption with GPS tracking. Our favorite tracking system is the Bouncie GPS. Read our review here and think about using GPS tracking for your fleet.

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