GPS Tracker – 4 Ways It Helps a Business

Looking for ways that you can help grow your business? one of the best ways that you can do this is through GPS fleet tracking with a GPS tracker such as the Bouncie GPS tracker. Below are some of the ways that GPS tracker can help your business grow. 

GPS tracker

A GPS Tracker Offers Route Optimization

Having great route optimization can help with reducing the time that is wasted on route management and planning. It will streamline the process for on-field communication which will allow specific vehicles or drivers to go to certain jobs.

Businesses with fleets can save as much as 30% right simply when they optimize their routes. This is almost simply about being much smarter in building loads and distributing them. Route Optimization with GPS Fleet Tracking

A huge routing challenge is when there are multiple requests for a certain piece of equipment coming in at once. Intelligence from GPS tracking is going to tell you the way that it is best for routing your drivers so that the schedule is going to work out for all involved.

It’s also possible to monitor stops and routes. When you have a log that tells the stops and routes, it’s going to help with figuring out if the fleet’s running efficiently. Unauthorized stops and idle time that is taken at locations that haven’t been authorized can become costly to the business. When you have a GPS you’re able to ensure that it’s not happening as much since you can monitor it.

A huge goal for route optimization’s decreasing how many vehicles will be needed for running your routes. When your routes are more efficient you can eliminate both the extra vehicles and additional drivers.

Time’s Money – A GPS Tracker Will Save Lots of Time

When you have the right system for managing your fleet, fleet managers are going to have a much easier time guiding their drivers so that they are able to avoid any busy streets in real-time.

A great way that you can improve profitability and productivity is by reducing downtime. GPS tracking can do that, making it easy to schedule hauls more efficiently and reducing your vehicles’ downtime

GPS tracking and geofencing can help with improving customer service too. When your customer service is great you are going to have a lot more business since people are going to recommend your business to friends and family. It also can help you to get repeat customers. Fleets in any industry and size can give customers timely ETAs and first-class service.

You can improve customer service with geofencing and GPS tracking. Having great service is critical for getting repeat customers and maintaining feasible growth. Fleets of any size and industry can give their customers first-class service and timely ETAs.

Driver Monitoring – Teach & Track with a GPS Tracker

Do you know the drivers who work for you well? Do they veer off sometimes and go on errands while they’re working for you? If you have GPS tracking installed on the fleet, you’re always going to know where the drivers are and how long they’ve been there.  Teach

GPS will also let you monitor as well as analyze the conduct of drivers while they’re out and about. This is going to reduce the amount of time that is wasted on unauthorized and unneeded breaks and make sure that the deliveries are faster. You also can use the technology to rid yourself of any incompetent drivers.

When an accident happens, fleet managers are also immediately notified so that responders are quickly brought to the scene.

Vehicle Maintenance – Keeping Track is Easier with a GPS Tracker

Fleet maintenance means that you are keeping up with the schedules for routine maintenance. GPS can help you with lowering the repair and maintenance costs of the fleet. Through tracking, you’re able to receive updates regularly on if a vehicle needs a tire replacement, oil change, and other kinds of vehicle maintenance. This will help with keeping the vehicles safe and compliant, as well as extending the vehicle’s life.

An item of huge expenditure is fuel costs. When you cut fuel costs, it can help with ensuring that you have more profits in your business. With tracking your vehicles, fuel managers are able to identify how much fuel is being wasted due to excessive idling and traffic jams. It also can help with preventing and tracking fuel theft.

As you can see, a GPS tracker can make a huge difference in your business’s growth. Our favorite GPS tracker is the Bouncie tracker. Click here to find out more about what it offers. 

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