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Q:  I just turned 17 the 20th and worked for a lawn care/landscape company sence spring. Sence then I have been txting my boss who is a close family friend for work because I am done with school. I have not heard from him. So I desited to start my own business. I am well determined and willing to work all the time. I put out flyers when people where at work. Was that the wrong move? Yes they only have been out for a day, but I’m getting a little down on myself bcause I was sure I would have at least one at the end of the day. Would it be to much to go back door to door when people are home to talk to them about what I am trying to start?

A: Hey sorry for the late response man. How did the flyers work out? How many did you put out? Don’t get disheartened, your only going to get one response for about every 250 or 500 you put out.

Speaking to people in person, aka Cold Calling is a good strategy as well. Just time consuming. I steered away from this basically just because I didn’t like doing it. However, it can be more effective if you are in the right area. You can read more what I did about handing out lawn mowing flyers.

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