Business Logo – 3 Big Mistakes to Avoid

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Your business’s logo is the thing that people remember about your business. It goes on all of your correspondence like your business cards. It’s what makes people remember your business and recognize it. Think about the big yellow M that is part of McDonald’s. Every time you see that, no matter where you are, you know that it’s a McDonald’s nearby.

However, just like having a good business logo can help your business, having a bad one can hurt it. Below are 3 mistakes that you want to avoid when you are creating the logo for your business.

business logo

Using Colors That Don’t Relate to Your Brand

Colors are linked closely to your emotions. Think of your business logo as its personality. Make sure that the logo is reflecting your brand. The colors in the logo should appear in your brand’s identity. Otherwise, the logo won’t be effective.

Using a lot of Colors in Your Business Logo

Along with using unrelated colors in your logo, you don’t want to use too many in your logo, either. Think of the best-known brands out there. Most of them only have 2 to 3 colors in them. When you use a lot of colors in the logo, it sends the message that you aren’t able to decide on your palette. This can make your brand’s character seem unclear. 

Choosing the Wrong Font 

This can mean many things. It can mean that your font is too big, too small, or just is hard to read. You want your customers to be able to read what is on your logo, not have to squint, or get a headache from looking at it. One of my favorite fonts is Times New Roman. It’s easy to read and it’s sharp looking.  If you have a business that is a bit fancier, you can use a font that reflects that. But it also should be easy for your customers to read. 

These are three mistakes that many people make when it comes to their logo. Keep in mind that your logo should be something memorable for all the right reasons. If someone looks at it and says, “Oh, that is hideous!” it’s not a good first impression.

Thanks for reading our latest blog. I hope you found it helpful and that you’ll keep coming back. We’re always adding new tips to our blog to help you in the business world.


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