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bouncie GPS

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bouncie gps

Hello! Welcome to a new week. Today we are going to cover one of the topics that will help companies that have a variety of work vehicles driven by employees – GPS tracking devices. We are going to look at some of the reasons why you want to use a tracker like the Bouncie GPS tracker.

10 Benefits of Using the Bouncie GPS Tracker

It Gives Increased Profit & Performance

Access to a vehicle’s driver productivity and efficiency data is going to help you with managing your costs that are related to the operations of a fleet. There might be a big reduction in driver down-time and employee overtime. Not only that, but improved fleet metrics and route efficiency will let you to expand your customer base. GPS tracking will save around $5,400 per employee each year.

A GPS Tracker Gives Improved Operations of the Fleet

A GPS tracking system will allow decision making in real time and offer enhanced driver and asset accountability. There’s no longer any problem with relying on the log sheet from drivers, records about truck maintenance and service forms to track the operations of fleet vehicles. Being able to instantly access the data about driver productivity and vehicle efficiency can help the company to manage costs related to their fleet operation better. Typically, a company will see a work order increase of around 25% after they start using GPS tracking.

Bouncie GPS Helps with Reduction in CO2 Emissions & Fuel Costs

Bad driving behavior like unnecessary idling and speeding will waste fuel. You can see this when you are using a GPS tracking. Vehicles in a fleet often use as much as 800 gallons each year simply because of unnecessary idling. This will cost your company $2,400 annually for each vehicle. When you eliminate unnecessary miles, it reduces the carbon footprint. It also makes the whole fleet more environmentally responsible and productive.

A GPS Helps Provide Efficient Routing And Dispatching Support

Using GPS technology will enable the dispatchers to use the driver locations in real time for dispatching that is time sensitive. A dispatcher can easily choose and navigate the vehicle that is closest to a certain location. This is going to also help with improving customer service. The tracking also can help with identifying route overlaps, as well as avoid those traffic areas which can cause drivers to become lost or delayed.

You’ll see a Reduction in Vehicle Wear & Maintenance Costs

Without having a system for fleet management, the vehicles usually get serviced regularly, no matter if they need to have maintenance done or not. This kind of system is going to help you to monitor each of the vehicles and send out alerts so that you are notified when one of your vehicles needs maintenance or repairs. This can help with reducing excessive engine and tire deterioration which will help with extending the life of equipment and trucks.

Record Keeping is Automated with Bouncie GPS

GPS systems can help you with your record keeping. All of the data that’s related to fleet operations gets recorded, and you can easily organize it the way that you want to organize it. A fleet manager is able to schedule as well as verify equipment and vehicle service intervals. They can keep track of service locations, locations of equipment drop-offs and the routes used. They also can maintain vehicle milage and employee hours electronic records. This information’s very valuable when it comes to yearly planning and if an audit is needed.

A GPS Helps with Reduced Liability & Insurance Costs

The majority of insurance companies will offer discounts when a business uses GPS tracking. Vehicle data that’s verifiable is going to help with protecting the business against a lot of frivolous lawsuits. Fleet management also can help with reducing accident claim liability and costs related to worker’s compensation.

Unauthorized Use of Vehicles is Prevented with Bouncie GPS

After hours and unauthorized use of the company’s vehicles is able to be discovered and controlled using real-time data that’s gathered from the GPS system. When you end unauthorized vehicle u se, it also will reduce the unauthorized consumption of fuel.

There’s Increased Safety of Employees with a GPS

When you automate record keeping, it can help with improving driver efficiency and safety. A fleet manager is able to access essential information about the behavior of drivers like unnecessary idling, speeding, and how many times the vehicle reversed. Safe drivers can be rewarded, and the worst drivers can be trained so that they use better habits while driving. If there’s an accident, the GPS location information can contact emergency help quickly.

Bouncie GPS Helps You Give Improved Customer Service

Vehicle tracking information in real time can be used for verifying driver deliveries as well as finding out how much time was spent at locations. It also can be used for re-routing a driver quickly, which means you’re able to respond a lot faster to inquiries from customers.

As you can see, there are a lot of good reasons why you want to use a GPS tracker like the Bouncie GPS in your business’s vehicles. Not only can it help with reducing costs but it also can help with keeping your employees safe. Check out our review on the Bouncie GPS here. And don’t forget to follow u s on Facebook.

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