At Ready Business Systems, we are happy to offer you a wide variety of services, including our Blogging Services. 

So, why is it important to have a blog on your website? Here are some statistics on why having a blog is a good idea.

  1. Companies with blogs on their website have an average of 55% additional visitors than those who don’t have a blog.
  2. More than 70% of the B2B buyers read the content of blogs during their purchase journey
  3. 6% of the eCommerce sales were influenced by blogging, and that doubled for those businesses that regularly blogged.
  4. Companies who published 16 blogs per month get 4.5 more leads when compared with those that only published 4 times.
  5. Content marketing brings in triple the number of leads than the paid searches.
  6. 60% of those who purchased something bought it after they read about it on a blog.
  7. Nearly 50% of the marketers wished they’d focused on blogging the first time around.
  8. 57% of the marketers say they have gained new customers thanks to blogging.
  9. Over 60% of American consumers spend triple the time reading blog posts than emails.

Think of it this way. Let’s say there are two websites that offer landscaping services. 

Company 1 has:

  • an easy to navigate website.
  • beautiful pictures of work they have done
  • a list of their services
  • a place to request a quote
  • all of their company information

This is a good start. However, it’s like one big advertisement. It’s like getting a magazine that is full of advertisements but nothing helpful. No recipes, no tips, no stories, nothing. 

Now, let’s look at the second company.

Company 2 has:

  • an easy to navigate website.
  • beautiful pictures of work they have done
  • a list of their services
  • a place to request a quote
  • all of their company information
  • tips on lawn care
  • tips on choosing plants for your 
  • tips on getting rid of pests
  • tips on identifying weeds

Both companies have a well-built website that has their company information on it. However, the second company has gone one step further and given their visitors helpful information that they can use. 

Not only does this help visitors, it shows that the company cares about the needs of their visitors, whether they choose their company or not. Wgen a company is willing to do this, visitors are more likely to hire them for their services. Even if it doesn’t happen immediately, they are more likely to keep coming back to the website to read the newest posts.

Why Choose Ready Business Systems Blogging Services

One of the most popular services that we offer is our blogging service.  When you choose our blogging services, you not only get a company that you can count on. You get:

  • bloggers who loves to write.
  • native English speakers
  • photos that are chosen specifically with your blog in mind.
  • topics that your readers will love.
  • blogs that are broken down using subheadings and/or bullet points to make them more readable.

We are happy to work with you based on your budget and your expectations. We are happy to write blogs on the schedule that you want, from once per month all the way up to 5 days a week if you prefer. Let us know what you want and need, and we will make it happen.

Benefits of Using our Blogging Services

Why should you bother to blog for your business? Aside from the statistics that we mentioned above, there are many benefits to having a blog.

  • It helps with SEO 
  • It helps you to advertise sales
  • It shows potential customers you know what you’re talking about
  • It brings people to your page and keeps coming them back
  • It shows that you care about the needs of your customers.
  • It allows you to showcase your work when you post pictures of jobs you’ve done for past clients.
  • It allows you to answer questions that customers have that they may not want to ask.

And these are just the beginning. When you choose us, we can write blogs in any style that you prefer.

Are you interested in learning more about how we can write blogs for you? Why not set up a no-obligation consultation and we will go over some of the things we can do for you. We will also work out a schedule that works for you and your budget. Please feel free to check out these three blogs:

These are all blogs for which we have written. CB Services is one of our newest customers, so we have just started blogging for them. But they are on the path to great things. If you are interested in knowing more, click below to schedule an appointment below. 

We are also offering your first post for free with the acceptance of our proposal and placing your card on file. You can cancel at any time.

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