6 Essential Automated Marketing Solution Tips

One of the things we believe in and use personally here at Ready Business Systems is automated marketing solutions. They save us a lot of time and they are very handy. If you have never tried to use an automated marketing solution before for your business, you are missing out on some very handy time saving features. But first you have to find the right automated marketing solution for you.

Here are 6 tips that you can use when you are looking for, and using, an automated marketing solution for your business.

Automated Marketing Solution Tip 1 Carefully Select Your Software

Not all tools for marketing are made the same. Remember that even though there are many great options that you can choose from, it doesn’t mean that they are all going to give you the results you want. Put some effort and time into looking at the different automated marketing solution options. This way you can be certain that you’re making the right choice. You also want to ask the vendors questions about the things that are most important for your company. Two of the big things you want to find out about are if it can integrate with the software you currently use and the weaknesses and strengths of the platform.

For instance, are you looking for an automated marketing solution that allows you to do lead scoring and build some landing pages for your website? or maybe you want one that will provide you with templates for email marketing, a/b testing and simple creation of email campaigns? What about efforts for social media? Are you searching for something that will enable that too? These are the questions that you want to ask before you choose the one that is right for your business.

Automated Marketing Solution Tip 2 Don’t Buy Your List – Build It

A campaign won’t be good if the list isn’t good. So, in order for a list to truly help you out, you want to fill it with lots of qualified leads. Therefore, even though it’s very tempting to buy your contact list because you get instant engagement, if it’s not full of leads that are interested in your products or services, it won’t do you any good. Your list can be built organically when you create some captivating landing pages on your website and building a robust social media and digital ad strategy. Make sure the email campaign and your drip campaigns, as well as your follow-up is sent to the recipients who’re truly interested in the products and services you offer.

Automated Marketing Solution Tip 3 Make Sure Strategy is a Priority

It’s very hard to maximize how useful the platform will be if you aren’t sure what you want to achieve. It’s essential to define a very clear strategy at every step along the way, from selecting the best option to keeping track of customer data and analyzing it. When you are understanding what you to achieve, you are going to be able to steer the automation in that direction.

Automated Marketing Solution Tip 4 Create Great Content

Even though marketing automation often exceeds expectations for disseminating content, it’s not going to create content. Planning, creating and refining the content that’s shared in email marketing is still essential, and make sure that you are focusing on originality and quality. This is going to help you with getting a lot of benefits from the platform and getting more conversions.

Make sure that you are creating educational content, since it’s going to be used frequently. You also want to create some long-form content that you gate on your landing pages and that can be promoted easily. This will help you with protecting the most valuable and best content to help you with generating leads.

Automated Marketing Solution Tip 5 Segment Your Business Contact List Carefully

This is going to be very instrumental and help you with being successful with your automated marketing solution. Personalization is very important if you are looking to convert. When you are dividing your business contact list into specific targeted subsets, you’ll ensure that you are reaching the correct leads with the correct message when it’s the best time.

For instance, there may be leads on your list that are in eCommerce. It’s essential that you are segmenting the messages to those people so they’re not getting the same message as leads who are a part of agencies. They are going to have different needs and priorities. Segmenting lists will be a helpful and practical way that you can reach leads. It will also make life much easier for the sales force.

Automated Marketing Solution Tip 6 Develop Personas for Customers

automated marketing solution

Along with segmenting your customers, you also want to consider assigning each of your subset lists a persona. When you are developing yours, it’s best to get very specific. Don’t just identify the customers’ core demographics. You want to also identify their behaviors, objectives and pain points. this is going to help your business’s sales team to identify who the people they need to focus on during their outreach. Building the personas can help with identifying the keywords the audience is using when they are searching online. This, in turn, is going to help your content marketing and SEO efforts.

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