6 Blog Topics Not to Put on a Business Blog

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Having a blog on your business website is a good idea. But having a blog doesn’t mean that every kind of blog topics are appropriate for your blog, either. Below are 6 blog topics that you should avoid putting on your blog.

Political Blog Topics

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One of the biggest things that you should never discuss on your business blog is anything that is politically charged. People are very passionate about political opinions and affiliations. If you enter this highly charged topic, chances are that you’re going to offend at least some of your customers.

Selecting topics that are politically charged will be similar to planting virtual bombs. There are two things that will happen. Either your blog is going to explode with lots of negative feedback and arguments, or you are going to alienate some of your audience. This is not the type of attention that you are going to want.

Religious Blog Topics

This is another topic that you want to avoid. With so many different types of religions that there are, it’s easy to forget one of them. Unless your business is something that sells religiously themed items, such as t-shirts, knick-knacks or other items, it’s best to not talk about religion at all. It’s another very passionate topic and you’re sure to offend someone.

As mentioned before, unless your business is related to a certain religion, it’s best to not discuss it. It is going to draw the attention from the business, breed critics and invite naysayers.

Other Highly Charged Topics

It’s a good idea to steer clear from any topic that is going to make people choose a side based on disposition. Things like gay rights, death penalty and abortion are all examples of topics you shouldn’t put in your business blog. They’re topics that are really hard to discuss without choosing a side. When you choose one side over another, it doesn’t make your blog look credible. It can make you lose a big group of potential customers, which will overshadow the true value that you can  offer to your community.

Well, Duh Topics

Before you write a blog, think about this: is this something that everyone, or most people, already knows? Chances are if the answer is yes, then you should probably think of something else to write. Or, if you really want to write a topic about say, “5 reasons why you shouldn’t take dry your hair while you’re in the shower” at least make it funny. Crazy example, I know, but that’s an example of something that most everyone would know and one that probably doesn’t need to be written into a blog unless you’re having some fun.

Tragic Event Topics to Capitalize On Them

This isn’t saying that you should never write about tragic events. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. If you are going to touch upon something that happened tragically in your state or even nationwide, so it in a solemn fashion to show solidarity. You should never do it just to bring people to your blog. These types of topics may be trending and timing, but chances are that your audience is going to condemn you if your post is simply to bring in traffic to your website.

These topics should only be written if the business has some wisdom that can be imparted on what happened. Or you can if you’re trying to show sympathy. If not, don’t blog about tragedies.

It’s also important to think about timing. When did the shocking event happen? Should it be brought up now? Or should you explore what should be done because of the tragedy? For these kinds of topics, you want to make sure you’re sincere and sensitive.

Write these topics only if your business truly has wisdom to impart on what has occurred, or if your business is trying to convey sympathy. Otherwise, stay away from blogging about tragedies.

Timing is also key. Is it too soon for your business to talk about such a shocking event? Or is it time to explore what to do in light of the tragedy? For topics like these, it’s vital to be sensitive and sincere.  

Self-Promoting Blog Topics

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s fine to write a blog about a new product that you have or a sale that’s going on. However, this isn’t something that you should do constantly. You want to make the blogs that you are posting helpful to your customers rather than helpful to you.

Before you post on your blog, ask yourself,”Is this topic something that my customers would expect to see on here?” If the answer is no, chances are that you should look for other blog topics.

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