Why is a CTA & Service Autopilot Automation Alike?

What do a CTA and Service Autopilot have in common?  AutThe answer is simple. They both have to be mobile friendly in order to work. Our last few posts that we have posted have been about the importance of CTAs. Since Service Autopilot Automation often will include a CTA in order to be successful, one of the biggest things you have to do is to make sure that that they can be viewed on mobile as well as on computers.

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Why It’s Important for a CTA and Service Autopilot Automation to be Mobile Friendly  

Have you ever been on your tablet or phone and tried to do something on a website only to find that it’s not mobile friendly? If this happened to you, you know how frustrating it can be. Maybe you spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. Or maybe you simply left the website and looked elsewhere for your necessary service or item.

Anytime your website, emails sent with Service Autopilot automation or CTA isn’t mobile friendly, you lose the opportunity that a visitor can bring. Either you have lost a sale or the opportunity for continued service if you have a service-based business. And that’s not even getting into the chance that those people who are unhappy with their experience on your website that they are going to tell others. The lost revenue could be exponential.  

The truth is that a lot of people have smartphones or tablets. And with more companies offering unlimited data plans, people take their phones with them and browsing online because they don’t have to worry about data overage charges. If your CTA, emails or website aren’t mobile friendly, you could lose out on a lot of business.

How to Make Sure Your CTA & Service Autopilot Automation are Mobile Friendly

Optimize Them for Mobile

Be sure that your landing pages, website, and all of your marketing efforts, such as email using Service Autopilot automation, have been optimized so they can be viewed on mobile devices. This is going to help with guaranteeing that your images, CTAs, and text are displaying correctly and can be easily read on many different types of mobile devices.

If those elements haven’t been made mobile friendly, you’ve created an annoying experience for those mobile users by making forcing them to zoom and pinch so they are able to read your website. And coming from a mobile user who has had to do just this, this is one thing that isn’t going to win you any best business of the internet prizes.

Here are a couple of tips that you should remember about your CTAs on mobile.

  • A button should be bigger and uncrowded. Keep in mind that visitors are going be using their fingers so they can click on their mobile devices. If you have a CTA that’s too close together or too small, it’s going to make their user experience miserable. They are also likely to become frustrated.
  • The screen will be smaller, so you want to use a simpler layout. Look for one that’s easily navigated and clean.

Are you interested in knowing more about Service Autopilot automation or any of the other services that we offer? Feel free to make an appointment with Justin, who is Service Autopilot certified, and let us show you what we can do. Also check out our Facebook page for more helpful hints.

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