Three Critical Aspects Of Service-Based Business Management

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For new and seasoned landscaping business owners alike, navigating the daily management duties can be overwhelming. Often, when landscaping or any other service-related businesses begin to buckle under pressure, it is due in part to a breakdown of one or more critical areas. 


Effective management of service companies is based on three aspects: job estimation, scheduling, and employee training. To ensure your company operates smoothly without growing pains, pay attention to these critical areas of management. 


Accurate Job Estimation

All trade and service-related businesses revolve around providing an essential service in a timely and cost-effective manner. Managing cash flow is often one of the biggest challenges owners of service businesses face. 


Job estimations encompass many components that must be carefully considered to ensure enough contingency is built into each estimate to make a profit, even under unforeseen circumstances. Estimates can be a difficult concept for new business owners as the process of providing potential customers with a quote requires finesse and experience. Quoting a service too low and you risk cash flow danger, yet quoting too high, you may lose the customer. 


Pay attention to your expenses and budget accordingly when developing or changing your service estimates; this will help you maintain a solid bottom line more accurately. 



Once you are up and running and your business is receiving multiple inquiries daily, you need to ensure you have a scheduling plan in play. Scheduling software has become a must-have for many service-based businesses as it takes the guesswork out of the process. When you have your scheduling software installed, it will take the information you input and create a system that will keep track of jobs to be performed and those already completed. 


Scheduling is a crucial part of a service-based business as it directly affects how your customers perceive your company and its services. 


Employee Training & Tools

Securing qualified employees is only one part of the equation when you own a landscaping or service business. Not only is proper training necessary initially, but it should be ongoing. Your company’s biggest asset is always its employees, as they are the frontline and the face of the establishment. 


Giving your employees the right tools for the job is also critical to their success. Not only do proper tools include those necessary to complete their tasks on the job, but also software tools that help them keep track of their duties, appointments, and feedback from you and the customer. With the right tools in place, your company can take on more jobs with ease, keeping both new and loyal customers happy. 

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