Payroll Services – ADP vs Gusto vs Paylocity

Gusto- the payroll Easy Button!

When you have a business, one of the things that you will want to do is to choose a way to pay your employees, Today we are goign to look at three of the various kinds of payroll services that are available, look at some of their pros and cons and what they offer.

ADP Payroll


  • Employees are able to check their records and update them.
  • Extended management of employees ensures recruitment and talent management.
  • Full HR-suite and advanced processing of payroll make sure that all of the processes related to HR are automated
  • Payroll features are full-range and handle payroll data, payroll taxes and other kinds of tax forms.
  • Offers great customer support to ensure that the business gets set up and running smoothly.
  • There are video tutorials to give you guidance with software.
  • ADP mobile app is full automized for IOS and Android mobile devices.
  • There is a fully optimized ADP mobile app available on both Android and iOS mobile devices.


  • Prices aren’t disclosed online. It’s necessary to get in touch with a representative for a customized quote.
  • There are a lot of additional fees that aren’t disclosed.
  • It’s not optimized to integrate with other kinds of software
  • Some users have said there are issues with the time-off policies.
  • Many HR features cost extra.
  • Users have reported issues with time-off policies.
  • A lot of the HR features are additional. That means you have to pay more to use them.


Essential Enhanced Completee HR Pro
Computer, Phone Call & Mobile app All features in Essential

All that Enhanced Provides

All You Get in Complete

Direct Deposit Background Checks

Alerts & Notifications

Discount Program for Employees

Employee Access 

Check Signing & Stuffing

HR Compliance Alerts & Database

Enhanced Support for HR Helpdesk
HR Checkups

Poster Compliance

HR Forms & Documents


HR Tips & Newsletter

Secure Check

HR Tracking


Ledger Interface

Services for Garnishment Payment

HR Training & Toolkits

New-hire Reporting SUI Management 

New-Hires Onboarding

Robust Reporting 


Wizard for Employee Handbook

State and Federal     Forms & Resources  

Wizard for Job Description

Tax filing       
W-2s & 1099s      
Wisely Direct Debit Cards      

Gusto Payroll


  • It’s a full-service payroll
  • Will manage employee benefits
  • Offers you time-tracking
  • Robust hiring & onboarding tools
  • Self-service tools for employees
  • Financial tools for employees
  • Automatic tax filing
  • Varied frequency of pay schedule
  • You can build customized reports
  • Great experience for users
  • Affordable
  • Offers a version just for contractors
  • Integrates with other kinds of popular software
  • Customer services is very responsive
  • Automated reminders


  • No features for geo-tracking
  • Doesn’t have a mobile app
  • No international payroll features
  • There are some integration limits
Automated Filings, Payroll and Taxes Forms Flexible Features for Payroll

Advanced Features for Payroll

Features for Employee Management

Online & On the Road


Automated Taxes

 940 Debit Cards from Gusto Pre-tax benefits are integrated Charitable Donations

Calendar sync

Garnishents for Child Support 941 Simple Cancellations Expense integration

Digital paystubs


1099 & W-2 1099 

Multiple States

Accounting integration

Direct deposit

Digital signatures

Reporting of New HIres  8974 Unlimited Payrolls Federal Tax Credit for R&D

Employee management


Adjustment for minimum wage State & Local

Contractor payments

FICA Restaurant Tax Credit

Employee Onboarding is Paperless

No setup fees for payroll

Tip Credits  W-2 Reimbursements

Integration for time tracking

Lifetime accounts

Autopilot Payroll  

Direct Deposit Next Day



    Many Pay Schedules  

Vacation & Sick Policies

    Unlimiited Off-Scedule & Bonus Payroll      
    Hourly & Salaried Employees      
    Easy Cancellations      
    Payment Schedules are Flexible       
    Paperless Paychecks      
    Net-to-Gross Calculation      


Paylocity Payroll


  • Services are scalable, including performance management and HR
  • There are a lot of integrations
  • Customer service is live with a lot of availability


  • No transparency about prices

Tax Filing

Benefits Administration

Time and Labor Management

Talent Management 

Administration of Workers Compensation 1099 Reporting 

Employees can self-choose from a menu of dental, health and vision choices, including HSAs, FSAs, Health Reimbursement account, Premium only plans

Allow the employees to clock in & out from their mobile device or computer

Recruiting & applicant tracking.

Automatic adjustments for bonuses, promotions and rasies

W-2 Preparation & Filing with SSA

Offer COBRA coverage to those who are terminated or laid off

Set some geographical restriction on where the employees are able to clock in & out.

Note employee accomplishments, projects and tasks and meeting notes.

Expense management program built in to automatically sync payroll and employee reimbursements

Provides 1095-C & File 1094 -C (is required for companies with more than 50 employees offering health insurance using ACA)

Offer employees commuter benefits

Approve and request requests for time-off from anyplace

Track ongoing performance and formally at certain times.

Review, correct and check payroll before every payday.

Payroll reconciliation ensuring payroll matches what you report to SSA & IRS

Provide benefit cards to employees that are pre-loaded

Run reports, like monthly summaries of the time-off requests and time worked

Custom review forms for performance allowing for 360 and 1:1 feedback

Templates for new hires to make onboarding independent contractors and employees easier

Total guarantee if you’re charged with any penalties because of an error on Paylocity’s part


Track & assign points for tardiness or absenteeism.

Measure feedback from employees using surveys.

Self-service portal for employees for company information, access to pay stubs and direct deposit.

Self-service portal for employees for company information, access to pay stubs and direct deposit.  

Sync the time tracking and payroll automatically.

Ensure bonuses and pay raises line up with the budget of the business.


View history of periodic payments and tax deposits


When you are looking for a payroll service and you are considering one of these listed here, you want to think about what it is that you and your company needs. At Ready Business Systems, we use Gusto and we love it. But you want to consider everything to help you choose the right one for you.

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