Landscape Business SEO – Getting Started with Keywords

landscape business SEO

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landscape business SEO

Earlier this week we posted why landscape SEO was so important. Today, we are going to start a series about landscape business SEO tips and how you can get more exposure for your website. Today we are going to look at some tips on keywords to help you get started.

Getting Started with Landscape Business SEO – Choose the Right Keywords

This first step with landscape business SEO is very easy. Create a list of the keywords that are matching the services that you offer. For instance, you may choose things like landscape architecture, landscape design, and landscaping. When you have a pretty comprehensive list, you should get a free account with Google AdWords.

It’s not necessary to fund or build your ad campaign. It’s just important to have access to Google’s free keyword planner. This is a helpful tool that is going to allow you to see the amount of traffic generated by each of the keywords. It also will suggest some similar keywords you might not have considered.

Now, you’re able to finalize the list of keywords. All of your keywords are going to loosely fall into two basic categories.

Buying Intent – These keywords mean that the prospect’s ready to purchase the services. For instance, “landscaper in Upper Black Eddy” likely means they’re ready to begin working on the yard.

These kinds of keywords drive the quickest conversions. Therefore, you want to make them the highest priority. Use them on your website’s homepage and make a different page for your services for each of them.

Research Intent – These keywords mean that the prospect’s just looking. It’s possible that they are going to want to get some landscaping services eventually. However, he’s not ready yet. For instance, somebody who’s looking for ‘ideas for landscaping my small yard’ may be wondering if it’s worth it to hire a landscaper.

These keywords should be a lower priority to you since they’re not going to drive fast conversions. However, you shouldn’t completely discount them, however. They can be used for FAQs and blog posts since these will introduce your business to the people who may remember you once they’re ready to hire a landscaper.

Now that you know how to get started with landscape business SEO, we hope that you found this to be useful. If you have a landscape business and you want some help with your SEO, contact us. We’re glad to talk to you and show you how we can help your business. You can also connect with us on Faecbook.

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