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Why should you regularly blog on your website?

Keeping a regular blog on your website provides many benefits-

  • Search engines, like Google, like to see websites that are regularly updated, with fresh content. This shows them you are an active company that is alive, and the content on the website is current. When people search for information, they want CURRENT information, so that is why Google pushes websites higher on the list with fresh content. In addition to this, as shown in the screenshot below, some blogs will “strike gold” and give you lots of free, relevant, FREE traffic to your website on very relevant searches that you would otherwise have to pay for, such as “mulch for sale”
  • Blogs help to inform your customers of what services you offer and make them feel like they KNOW you. Home services businesses, unlike storefronts, have limited facetime with customers. Facetime builds relationships with your customers and builds loyalty. Blogging, although not actual “facetime”, is a close second.
  • Blogs can, and should, be recycled on social media, providing content for Meta (Facebook) and Instagram to keep you at the top of mind with your clients and leads.
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At Ready Business Systems, we are happy to offer you a wide variety of landscaping advertising ideas and services, including our Blogging Service.

Let’s cut to the chase- Why is it important to have a blog on your website? 

  1. Companies with blogs on their website have an average of 55% additional visitors than those who don’t have a blog.
  2. Companies who published 16 blogs per month get 4.5 more leads when compared with those that only published 4 times.
  3. Content marketing brings in triple the number of leads than paid searches.
  4. 60% of those who purchased something bought it after they read about it on a blog.
  5. Over 60% of American consumers spend triple the time reading blog posts than emails. 

How Frequently Should a Business Blog Be Updated?

Generally, when you are posting more blogs you are going to have a better chance of getting more traffic. Research has been done that shows that when a company posts at least 3-5 times per month, or approximately once per week, will get double the traffic compared with companies that don’t have a blog. This in no way gives you a definitive number of blogs per week that your company should have. It only shows that the businesses that take time to blog on a regular basis will reap great web traffic rewards. When you are posting on a regular basis, you are going to have more people coming to your site and this will help with boosting the SEO ranking of your website. Blogging frequently drives more traffic to your website and generates more leads
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What Do You Get with Ready Business Systems’ Blogging Service?

One of the most popular services that we offer is our blogging service. When you choose our blogging services, you not only get a company that you can count on. You get:

  • Native English speakers with experience in the landscaping industry.
  • Your photos (preferred!), or photos that are chosen specifically with your blog in mind.
  • Topics that your readers will love.
  • It allows you to answer questions that customers have, that they may not want to ask.
  • It allows you to showcase your work when you post pictures of jobs you’ve done for past clients.
  • It brings people to your page and keeps coming them back.
  • It shows potential customers you know what you’re talking about (topic authority)

We are happy to work with you based on your budget and your expectations. We are happy to write blogs on the schedule that you want, from once per month up to 5 days a week, if you prefer. Let us know what you want and need, and we will make it happen.

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