Jobber – 5 Big Benefits of Connecting Your Site

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Good morning! We are to the final week of the year. We hope that you had a good holiday weekend. Today we are going to look at Jobber and why it’s a good idea to connect it to your website. 

Jobber Makes Booking a Lot Faster

If Jobber’s not connected to the website, you’ll have to add any of your new bookings manually to the Jobber dashboard. A customer fills out a contact form. You then get your email notification and load the dashboard up, finally plug it in.

Once it’s connected to the website, it makes it a lot easier to do this. The extra steps are eliminated. Rather the information is added automatically to your account. This saves a lot of time!

Connecting Jobber Will Let Clients Get Into the Hub

After you’ve connected to jobber’s service, you are able to open an option that will allow clients to log into through your website. they are able to use that portal for checking estimates, booking jobs, paying invoices, and a lot more. This can help you with improving your customers’ experience and may lead to many more satisfied customers.

It Will Look & Work Great

One of the things that Jobber’s done well is that it designed a great interface online that looks great and works seamlessly. It will seamlessly with your company’s website. It’s possible to add it either as a popup form that will load when the customer clicks the button or a widget. You also can customize the form so that it matches the branding of your website by changing the buttons and text.

Connecting Jobber Will Build Trust

If your operation is small, it’s possible that your brand isn’t very well-known so that you have a lot of customers trusting you yet. Jobber will help with building trust because it associates your brand with something that people are familiar with. It also will give them access to the hub where they have the details that will help with building confidence in your services.

It Will Provide Instant Scheduling

When you use Jobber, it can automatically connect the jobs that are booked online to the calendar. This helps you with saving time since you don’t have to do it yourself using Calendly or Google Calendar. It also helps to ensure your schedule’s always updated.

These are five good reasons why you want to connect your website to Jobber. If you want to know more about this service, read our review here

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