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After performing the estimate, I will offer my customers a couple of different billing options. The first and most popular option is to bill at the end of the month for services performed that month. The second option is to give them equal monthly bills, so they know what to expect.

For the most part, I will bill at the end of the month for services I performed that particular month. Billing does take a while (about three hours for 65 customers), so I try not to do it more often than I have to. It also costs

Some customers used to try to pay me at the door after we mow the lawn- I refuse to let them pay me that way for three reasons.postage and takes more record keeping, which is why I choose to bill once a month rather than more frequently.

  1. It is easy to lose the checks when you are on the job
  2. It is harder to keep track of and
  3. It slows you down waiting for them to write the check etc.

The second billing option I recently have begun to offer is breaking down the billing into even monthly payments. If they hire us for spring and fall cleanups, as well as aeration and lawn mowing, they don’t get slammed with a large bill the month of the service. Instead, I will add up the total cost of all the services they want, and divide this by 6 to come up with 6 easy monthly payment plan for them.

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