Finding Help

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This spring, finding help has proven to be a much larger challenge than in the past.

In the past, simply putting up ads on craigslist has worked for us. This year we have had to go a little further.

We have found that the quality of leads on craigslist is pretty poor. Have to filter through all the criminals, unreliable, and poor attitudes.

We also tried putting up a sponsored ad on our facebook page- we got a couple leads from here but they fell through. has proven to be a great source of applicants; we did the sponsored ads so had to pay a few bucks for it (but we did receive a free $50 credit signing up).

We have also flyered the cars in the lot at the local college here- no go.

I went to our local department of labor which was helpful- we picked up 2 employees from here so will continue to take this route in the future, although I do think we just got lucky. The 3rd guy was a homeless guy that hadn’t had a job in 2.5 years. The other two were just recently unemployed.

We are beginning to offer a $200 incentive for referrals by our employees of an employee that stays with us for 6 months or more.

We are also looking into the H2B visa program for immigrant workers. This has proven to be a pain in the ass, complicated government program. But I will keep moving forward with it and see how it works out.

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