By Steve Martino 

Do you normally open a marketing email because of a curious or catchy email subject line? I do.

In fact, SendJim, the automated online postcard printer and distributor, has been sending me some emails with suggestive subject lines. I have to admit, I opened them to see what they heck they were talking about.

At Ready Business Systems and 855-RILAWNS, we use SendJim to send out mailings to our clients and leads. We send postcards, gift cards and candy packets. We usually automate this process with our CRM of choice, Service Autopilot, and we highly recommend you use SendJim in your business, too. 

Other CRM’s, like Jobber, also integrate with SendJim, and can be automated.

For more information about SendJim, check out or review here. You can also call us at 1-800-485-1404 and speak to a member of our experienced staff.

“Big” News From SendJim

SendJim recently announced they are now doing EDDM postcards in a new, larger 8.5×11” size. That’s actually quite a big postcard. Prior, you were only able to get EDDM postcards as large as 6.5×11”.

So, when I received an email from SendJim CEO Daniel Dixon, with the subject line of “That Thing is Huge!😮”, I had to see what that was about.

This was SendJim’s way of sharing the news that they are now sending postcards in the new 8.5×11” size. And, it gets better.

Like any good marketing campaign, you want to hit your client and leads list more than once with your big news, right? Well, that’s exactly what SendJim did.

Their next email had a subject line of “Is There Such Thing As Too Big?🤭”. I mean, come on! The bashful emoji?! 

Of course, I opened this email to find some content about the new postcard size. In case I missed the first email, which I didn’t, here’s another one to pique my interest.

SendJim are masters of the catchy email subject line, clearly. Lol.

The Catchy Email Subject Line

A catchy email subject line can help increase the open rates of your emails. When your subject line is interesting, attention-grabbing, and relevant to the recipient, it can encourage them to open your email and engage with your content. This can lead to increased engagement, click rates, and client conversions.

Additionally, catchy email subject lines can help your emails stand out in a crowded inbox. With so many emails competing for attention in a recipient’s inbox, a compelling subject line can make your message stand out and capture the recipient’s attention.

A recent article by states that up to 47 percent of people will open a sales email based purely on its subject line. That’s almost half!

However, according to Bluehost, only 9% of sales emails are ever opened. This is due, according to them, to an over-saturation of marketing emails being sent to an estimated 3.9 billion email accounts every day.

So, it’s important you stand out in a crowd. In this case, a crowded inbox.

Tips For Crafting Your Catchy Email Subject Line

So, what to do about that? You need more catchy email subject lines, that’s what. Here are some quick tips for coming up with good subject lines:

  • Put a little more thought into that email subject line. Walk away and come back to it with a fresh perspective, later, if you have to
  • Make your email subject line relevant to your audience
  • Ask a question. Your recipient will want to know the answer
  • Think as a consumer and about emails you’ve opened, with interesting subjects


A good email subject line that makes your audience want to open it, takes a little more effort. Anybody can write “3 Tips About Email Subject Lines.” But, what if this were an email instead of a blog? 

Maybe I’d go with something like “Wow! Can You Believe It?😮” and then segue into why I was sending this email about catchy email subject lines, in the first place. I think you get the point.

Lastly, a well-crafted subject line can help set expectations for the content of the email and establish trust with the recipient. If the subject line accurately reflects the content of the email and delivers on any promises made, the recipient is more likely to view you as a reliable and trustworthy source for information or services.

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