Benefits of using a Payroll Service

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For small businesses, processing payroll cannot just be very time-consuming but also complicated. Gusto for example is a great payroll service that offers you an attractive alternative to manage your payroll internally. There are many benefits you will enjoy when using a payroll service.

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Having an employee managing payroll can be very time-consuming. Payroll service is a great solution for small businesses and can free your staff’s time to work on more important value-added activities. With a payroll service, your employees can focus on more productive items.

Tax Solution

Many small businesses end up paying tax -related penalties every year because they file their taxes either late or incorrect. When using a payroll service, you will avoid all this. A payroll service does the work for you and takes responsibility. The service calculates employee tax obligations and prepares 1099s and W2 forms for your clients.


Payroll services must do an accurate job to keep your business. That is why you can count on them. You will be up-to-date with new tax laws etc.


With a payroll service, all you need to do is telephone their office, tell them the hours, deduction, and salary of your workers and the service will do all the work for you and process the check. With some services, you can update the payroll information also online. 

Financial Reporting 

With a payroll service, you will be on top of your business. it offers you reports, such as earning statements, expenses, payroll by departments, time sheets etc.

GUSTO Payroll

Gusto Payroll is a great service if you are tired of chasing down your employees for paperwork. Gusto Payroll does the work for you with sending repetitive emails, direct deposit information and much more. They offer many features such as: 

  • Admin & employee portals
  • Employee self on-boarding
  • Time Tracking
  • Surveys
  • Time off requests
  • End of year 1099s and w2s 

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