3 Top Reasons to Write Fun Blog Topics

Let’s face it – sometimes you have to be all business. But other times you can have a bit of fun with your customers and visitors while still staying relevant to your business. For example, for one of our clients I took time and did some research about the different relevant days there are during the year. For example, March 26 is National Spinach Day. So I incorporated that into a post for one of our landscaping clients. It gave me the opportunity to learn some things about spinach and to educate the readers as well.

fun blog topics

That’s just one example of types of interesting blogs that you can write. Let’s look at three reasons these blogs are good choices.

Fun Blogs Topics Break Up Monotony

If you keep writing about the same types of things all the time, it starts to sound the same. Your readers get bored. You get bored writing them. People get bored reading them. So they won’t come back to your site. But if you give them fun stuff to read about, they’re going to keep coming back just to see what you’re going to say next.

They Educate People

Another thing, which I mentioned above, is that fun blog topics educate people. Before I did the research about that spinach blog I didn’t know a lot of things about spinach. Who knew? and I bet a lot of people who read the blog didn’t know it, either. Education doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, people are going to be more interested in learning if it’s educational.

It’s Easy to Incorporate Fun Blog Topics

Finally, there are so many national days you can always find a fun topic to write about. A good site to check on is the National Day website. The link I provided is just the days for the month of May. You can see how many there are in just this month! 

If you are looking for a way that you can keep your visitors engaged, add some fun blog topics to your blog. Or, if you aren’t comfortable writing them yourself, blog writing is one of the services that we offer. Contact us to get a quote and we’ll be happy to find a plan that works for you.


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