What is the RBS GAME Plan?

Choose to connect monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly with your industry consultant in the areas of Monthly KPIs, System Automation and Implementation, or Marketing strategy. Using widely-used, industry standard coaching tools, we will work with you to implement the RBS GAME Plan helping you to reach your goals, create organizational accountability through weekly meetings and ultimately execute on your GAME Plan to reach your target milestones. See our GAME Plan Options page to review or select your package.

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The GAME Plan, which stands for Goals, Accountability, Meetings, and Execution, is a strategic framework designed to drive organizational success and alignment. Here’s a breakdown of what happens within this plan:


“G” is for Goals. Goals (G): The first step involves setting clear and specific goals for your organization. These goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound). Defining your goals provides a clear direction and purpose for your team.

Sometimes it is easy to get caught in the day to day and lose sight of your organizational objectives. Setting SMART Goals within your business shouldn’t be that difficult. Starting with your target revenue, we can drill down on the KPIs within your business that will need to shift in order to meet these objectives.

From lead acquisition and sales activities, to operational fulfillment, weekly targets can and should be revisited and adjusted based on the ultimate goal of hitting your year end target.


“A” is for Accountability. Accountability is a cornerstone of the GAME Plan. Assign roles and responsibilities to individuals or teams to ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them. This promotes a sense of ownership and ensures that progress is tracked effectively.

Accountability should be simple! When everyone in your organization understands their role and the business indicators which are impacted by their activities, the success of their performance becomes unquestionable.

Accountability conversations can be easy and less emotional when everyone understand the KPI for which they are responsible. Drive employee success by identifying core problems within the business and coming to a solution together which will allow you to move forward.


“M” is for Meetings. Regular meetings are essential to keep the organization on track. These meetings serve as a platform for communication, sharing updates, addressing challenges, and ensuring that everyone is aligned with the organization’s goals.

The weekly meeting cadence will help us to stay on track between your business objectives and getting the most use out of our calls together.

During this cadence, we will drill down on the key metrics that impact your sales and operations. We can identify and tackle the key problems which are preventing you from achieving your goals. Then assign ownership of action items to ensure movement takes place.


“E” is for Execution. Execution is where the rubber meets the road. With a well-defined strategy, assigned accountabilities, and effective meetings, your team can focus on executing the plan. This involves taking action, making decisions, and adapting as needed to achieve your goals.

Between quarterly initiatives and weekly action items we will revisit the results of tackling some of your company’s biggest challenges.

Data means nothing if you do not take action on the information at hand. Technology alone cannot move your business to the level you desire. Implementation of processes and ensuring you have the right people in place are key to accelerating your business.

The GAME Plan provides a structured approach to achieving your organization’s objectives, fostering accountability, and driving successful execution without relying on branded terms or acronyms. Click the link below to view GAME Plan Options.